For all reviews left with eKomi the following applies:

Help other consumers by providing a meaningful and useful customer review. Your review will be screened and read. You can review the company or its products positively or critically. Positive and critical reviews are treated equally throughout the review process. Please respect that ratings for merchants and products are treated separately. Ratings for the seller/shop and their service are to be written within the shop review and ratings for the product and the product quality in the product review.

Stay polite!

Stick to facts!

Stay fair!

Your customer review must always reflect the truth. Please note that the provider could legally, possibly in court, settle and fight back against a case that contains both false and defamatory claims.

The following content is not allowed within the review comments:

  • Discriminatory content
  • Racist content
  • Punishable and otherwise illegal content;, particularly insulting, degrading, illegal threats, defamatory or false factual assertions
  • Any hazardous content towards minors
  • Content that glorifies violence
  • Statements regarding the therapeutic effect and efficacy of pharmaceutical products, medical treatments or therapies
  • Price quotes and information regarding other costs (e.g. shipping costs) in numbers or written out (e.g. „10 Dollars/Euros“ or „ten Dollars/Euros“)
  • Personal data, i.e. information relating to an identified or identifiable natural person (in particular names, addresses, IP addresses, account numbers, order numbers, bank or credit card details, insurance numbers, age, date of birth) and telecommunications data (phone / fax numbers, e-mail addresses)
  • Personal data that can be drawn from company data
  • Hyperlinks
  • Content without any semantic content (e.g. meaningless sequences of numbers, letter sequences, symbols)
  • Comments that refer exclusively to other reviews
  • Comments about products within a shop/provider review
  • Comments about shops / providers within a product review
  • Direct or indirect references to competitors and products of competitors of the reviewed merchant or the reviewed manufacturer of the product.


Invalid content made in the comments is replaced by the Customer Feedback Management Team with three (3) stars asterisk symbols (***), the star rating however remains.

eKomi reserves the right to transfer product reviews which were submitted in the shop /provider review, to seller reviews and vice versa.

eKomi reserves the right to delete reviews or content with no meaningful or contradictory content

Please make sure that the star rating matches the content of your comment, so it is not contradictory. Five (5) stars is the highest rating that can be given.